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Documentary “How China Made It” Broadcasts on Discovery Channel, CCTV 4, CCTV 9 and Youku

Among a number of documentaries dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of China's Open Door Policy in 2018, “How China Made It”(《中国:变革故事》) is the only international co-production which was aired worldwide. The documentary is the story of how China opened up to the world 40 years ago and it highlighted a series of achievements.

Yue-Sai Kan, the only Chinese American in the series, was handpicked by the State Council Information Office as one of the 15 figures who, each in their own way, helped make China what it is today. Yue-Sai was a witness, pioneer and participant in the country's evolution to the China of today. What she has done influenced a few generations and millions of Chinese.

Discovery Channel and Youku started airing the three-part one-hour documentary on December 15. Yue-Sai made her appearance in Episode 3 aired on December 29. The series was then re-aired on CCTV Channel 4 & 9 and YouTube. It is expected that a billion people watched the series.

Episode 1: Love of the Land

It all began with the farmers. Motivating them and making them rich drove everything else!

Episode 2: Chasing Dreams

Four decades of hard work, innovation and entrepreneurship paid off!

Episode 3: Future Focused

With dramatic economic, social and cultural changes, the future is already here in China!

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Nov 01, 2022

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