China Fashion Gala 2019

The China Fashion Gala is one of our most glamorous and important events of the year.


The 2019 Gala on May 1st honored designer and artist Jason Wu, Editor in Chief of Vogue China Angelica Cheung, Actress Shu Qi, skincare brand Shanghai Pechoin Group, and Managing Director of Brands and Distribution at Esquel Group Dee Poon.

Jason Wu      Angelica Cheung        Shu Qi       Shanghai Pechoin    Dee Poon


The evening opened with a mesmerizing performance by Chinese singer BING, known as “China’s Masked Diva”. Emmy Award-winning journalist Liz Claman who is a financial news anchor at the Fox Business Network hosted the gala. A high-energy presentation of live auction was conducted by charity auctioneer C.K. Swett.

                   BING                                    Liz Claman                            C.K. Swett

The China Fashion Gala 2019 was hosted by Yue-Sai KanMei He, President of We-Education Group; Qing Su, President of Meihodo LLC and Jeannette Chang, former SVP of Hearst International.

  Yue-Sai Kan                  Qing Su                Jeannette Chang          Gemma Chan             Xiaowen Ju


  Shupei Qin            Chien Chung Pei          Ping Huang and             Nicole Miller and          Wendy Yu

                                                                                 Aiping Zhang                    Kim Taipale                      

Craig Bosket and      Josie Natori and      Daniel Paltridge and      Roseline Luo and         Yue-Sai Kan and

LaQuan Smith             Sophia Sheng            Nicolas Ricroque        Anthony Cenname        Morris Goldfarb

The highlight of the evening was a full-length couture fashion show by designer Jason Wu, an internationally renowned Chinese-Canadian designer based in New York. Jason Wu has received an array of accolades in the global fashion arena and has dressed top models, celebrities and influential women, such as former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama.

Proceeds from the Gala totaling $850,000 will be used to support China Institute's fashion design competition, CBCF's design scholarship and sustainable fashion program.

Media Coverage

L to R: Simon Collins, Liz Claman, Jason Wu, Angelica Cheung, Shu Qi, Yue-Sai Kan, BING, James Heimowitz, Vivian Xue, Dee Poon, Sophia Sheng, Anla Cheng, and Chien Chung Pei

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The Gala was well attended by a wide range of personalities from New York City leaders, well-known designers to beloved fashion icons such as Gemma Chan, Xiaowen Ju, Shupei Qin, Chien Chung Pei, Ping Huang, Nicole Miller, Wendy Yu, Chloe Flower, Han Feng, Anla Cheng, Sophia Sheng, Fiona Cibani, LaQuan Smith, Wen Zhou, Josie Natori, Jacqulyn Jablonski, Daniel Paltridge, Tikka Shatrujit Singh, Anthony Cenname, Wendy Fitzwilliam, Lin Li, Roseline Luo, Jessica Xue, Diana Xu, Zaina Gohu, Simon Collins, Mark Gong, Mary McFadden, Kaity Tong, Fernanda Ly and Morris Goldfarb to name a few.

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